In the name Daikin AC, the AC stands for “absolute comfort” and that is exactly what 360 Comfort Systems intends to bring to your home. As the global leader in home comfort, Daikin systems are able to blend into your homes interior and give your home a level of comfort that far surpasses that of other methods of heating and cooling while operating at only fraction of the cost.

The quiet operation of Daikin heat pumps is nothing short of stunning, with an operating sound level as low as 44dB. Daikin heating and cooling systems employ a inverter “variable speed” compressors that are some of the most efficient compressors in the world.

Daikin’s technology outperforms traditional heat pump systems by delivering up to 100% heating capacity even when the outside temperature drops to -18C. Daikin’s extremely high performance in both heating and cooling modes ensures a comfortable and consistent indoor environment, no matter what the outdoor temperature.

“Multi-split” systems ensure that each room will have its individual heating & cooling needs met, all served by a single outdoor unit!

Daikin systems are the perfect system for homes, offices, server rooms and more.

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