Save Money With a New Gas Furnace Installation from 360 Comfort

Will I save any money by installing a new gas furnace? Today’s gas furnaces run very high efficiency, some as high as 98%. This means that out of every $100 you spend on gas, $98 goes into heating your home and only $2 is lost. Compare this with older furnaces that may be 80% efficient or even 70% efficient and there can be some substantial savings. Let our Comfort Advisor take a look at you current heating system and see how much we can save you.

Are you looking at replacing your existing gas furnace? Before you purchase a new gas furnace let us check into the many grants and rebates available. Quite often Fortis BC or another organization may have rebates that will help reduce the cost of a new furnace.

I currently use a different heat source and am looking at switching to gas heat? Just like we mentioned above, there may be grants and rebates available. Let us help you through the process. 360 Comfort Systems has a full sheet metal shop, so even if you don’t have ductwork, we can take care of you without having to sub-contract and lose quality control.