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Furnace Installation in Victoria

Quality Furnace Replacement Services

Is your furnace working less efficiently lately? Are you looking into replacing your existing gas furnace? Before you purchase a new gas furnace, you should check to see if there are any grants and rebates available. Quite often Better Homes BC or another organization may have rebates that will help reduce the cost of your new furnace installation. To find out more about getting your furnace replaced, give us a call at 250-800-5041 today!

360 Comfort Systems has a full sheet metal shop, so even if you don’t have ductwork, we can take care of you without having to sub-contract and lose quality control on your furnace installation!

When Should You Get Your Furnace Replaced?

As a general rule, you should think about getting your furnace replaced as it reaches its 10-15 year mark. As your furnace becomes older, its parts naturally become worn out and will either require many repairs or not function efficiently. If your furnace is nearing its 10-15 year mark and it needs a repair that costs over half of the price to replace it, you should get your furnace replaced. A new furnace installation will help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your home’s heating.

Benefits of Getting Your Furnace Replaced

There are many benefits to getting your furnace replaced, including:

  • Better heating of your entire home.
  • Lower heating costs each month.
  • Fewer furnace breakdown and repair needs.

Having your furnace replaced with a newer, more efficient unit is a great investment because it can help to increase your overall comfort in addition to providing you with more peace of mind.

Save Money With a New Gas Furnace Installation

You may ask, “Will I save any money by installing a new gas furnace?” Today’s gas furnaces have very high efficiency ratings, some as high as 98%. This means that out of every $100 you spend on gas, $98 goes into heating your home and only $2 is lost. If you compare this with older furnaces that may be 80% efficient or even 70% efficient, there can be some substantial savings. Let our comfort advisors at 360 Comfort Systems take a look at your current heating system and see how much we can save you.

Why Choose 360 Comfort Systems For Furnace Installation

Our local customers choose us to be their trusted furnace installer because of our attention to detail, professionalism, in-depth knowledge and prompt service. When we perform work in your home, we will leave it spotless once the job is completed. Our customer’s overall comfort and satisfaction are our top priority in every job we do. To learn more about getting furnace installation services, give 360 Comfort Systems a call today!

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