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Heat Pumps Save You Money: Summer & Winter

Choose from:

Central Ducted
Standard or Electric

Mini Split

Dual Fuel
System: Electric
and Gas

Energy Savings

Nearly 2/3 of the energy consumed in Canadian homes is used for heating and cooling, especially given our cold winters and hot summers.

Heat pumps for heating and cooling our homes allow for a significant reduction in our energy consumption.

A heat pump extracts heat from the cold outside air and transfers it to inside our home.

A compressor uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heat extracted from the outside air.

Heat pumps also provide cooling by transferring warm indoor air to the outside.

The energy provided by the outside air is free: consumers only pay for the electricity used by the compressor.

Central Ducted: Standard or Electric

Central ducted heat pumps use a system of ducts to distribute warm or cool air throughout your home. They deliver consistent heating or cooling in every room with better air circulation, meaning no more cold or hot spots in the house! They’re great for homes which have existing ductwork or for new builds.

Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini split heat pumps provide heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. They are composed of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that are mounted on the wall or ceiling of the rooms that needs to be heated or cooled. The indoor units are connected to the outdoor unit by refrigerant lines and electrical wiring, which makes them easier to install.

Dual Fuel System: Electric and Gas

Dual fuel heat pump systems, also known as hybrid heat pump systems, are a type of heating and cooling system that combines an electric heat pump with a backup furnace powered by natural gas or propane. The system is designed to automatically switch between the two heating sources depending on the outside temperature and the cost of energy.

Heat Pump Installation Victoria

Take advantage of instant rebates and savings by getting up to $6,000 off a new system with our cash back event! Plus, financing options available.

Local Heat Pump Repair, Service & Installation

Here on Vancouver Island, we live in one of the world’s best areas for heat pump systems. We have mild winters and summers that justify air conditioning. If you already have a heat pump in your home and need it serviced or repaired, we can help you maintain it. Call our office at 250-800-5041 for heat pump repair, installation and maintenance!

Did you know that heat pumps are up to four times more efficient than electric heaters? This means that you can receive substantial savings when switching to a heat pump. There are also several rebates and offers available for switching to a heat pump.

Heat Pump Repair

Just like any heating and cooling system, heat pumps will also require repairs here and there due to aging, a lack of maintenance or a taxing season. At 360 Comfort Systems, we specialize in both traditional and ductless heat pump systems and are trained in diagnosing and repairing heat pump issues.

Why You Need Heat Pump Maintenance

There are many reasons why you should have your heat pump serviced. Regardless of the heating and cooling system you have, maintenance can help to greatly extend the service life of your system and allow it to run more efficiently. Opting out of having your heat pump serviced could increase its energy consumption by 10% to 25%.

How much does it cost to service a heat pump?

Having your heat pump serviced regularly can help your system to run more efficiently, increasing your indoor air quality and improving the comfort of your home. However, service costs can vary depending on the condition of your heat pump, when it was last serviced and any repairs that are needed, as well as whether or not you are enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan

What is the average cost of a heat pump installation?

Some factors that can influence the cost include:

  • The type, size and brand of the heat pump you want installed.
  • The size of your home.
  • SEER rating of the heat pump.
  • Labor costs involved in the removal and disposal of the old equipment.
How long do heat pumps last?

Heat pumps generally last about 15 years, but they can last up to 20 years when they’re taken care of properly. Some things that can affect your heat pump’s lifespan include:

  • How often you have your heat pump serviced.
  • How often you use your heat pump.
  • The type of heat pump you have.
  • The climate of the area you live in.

360 Comfort Systems is here for all of your HVAC needs. Call us today to see how we can help you keep your heat pump running for longer!

Heat Pump Services

Ductless Heat Pumps

Having a ductless heat pump system installed in your home is a great alternative to a ducted system if you do not have existing ductwork or you lack the amount of space needed. Since ductless systems do not utilize ductwork to transfer air in your home, you can also avoid heating and cooling losses generally associated with ducted systems.

Benefits of a Heat Pump System

Some benefits of a heat pump system include:

  • A longer unit lifespan.
  • Reduced pollution.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Safer to operate.

Heat pumps are a great heating and cooling option, especially when you live in an area with mild winters. To find out more about getting heat pump services, give 360 Comfort Systems a call today!

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