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Smoke Detectors Victoria

Protect Your Duncan, BC Home with Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You and your family are peacefully asleep. Somewhere in your home, an electrical short accidentally heats insulation enough to set it ablaze. The fire slowly spreads through your home, putting all you hold dear at risk. Will your smoke detectors be able to warn you in time?

It's a scary scenario, but it also shows the importance of having a robust, well-maintained smoke detection system in your home. Likewise, as many homes use gas to power their heater or stove, there's the risk of a silent danger like carbon monoxide harming you or your loved ones. Let 360 Comfort Systems offer you safe, secure peace of mind by outfitting your home with smoke and CO detectors today.

The 360 Comfort Systems Difference

Why choose us:

  • Simple Pricing: We give you a quote, and that’s what you pay. No tricks, no gimmicks.
  • Convenience: If we tell you a time we’ll be there, we’ll be there. No unnecessary delays or disruptions to your schedule.
  • Training: We employ highly-skilled, trustworthy and capable technicians to provide exceptional service.
  • What You Want & Nothing More: We’ll discuss what you want done, quote you a price, and that’s it. We won’t waste your time upselling you on things you don’t need.
  • Planning Ahead: We make sure to bring everything we may need to each job so you don’t have to wait on us to order parts.
  • Trustworthy: When you invite us on to your home, we’ll treat it like it’s ours and you like family. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the work we do.

Amazing Prices, Comforting Peace of Mind

Smoke & CO Detector Installation Proposal: $99

Understand Different Detector Types

  • Ionization Smoke Alarm -  An ionization type smoke alarm has a small amount of radioactive material (not enough to harm anyone) that is situated between two charged plates. The air between the plates is ionized, causing a flow of electricity to move between the plates. If smoke enters the detector, it interrupts this flow, causing the alarm to go off.
  • Photoelectric Smoke Alarm - A photoelectric type alarm has a light sensor and separate light source that is pointed away from it. When smoke enters the detectors, it reflects the light away from it's normal path and to the sensor, which detects the light and triggers the alarm.
  • Combination Smoke Alarm - As the name implies, this alarm combines both ionization and photoelectric sensing technologies into one unit.
  • Biomimetic CO Sensor - This detector is filled with a gel that changes color when it absorbs carbon dioxide. A sensor is able to recognize the color change and sets off the alarm.
  • Metal Oxide Semiconductor CO Sensor -  This style features a silica chip. The presence of carbon monoxide causes a drop in the chip's electrical resistance; when this drop is detected, the alarm goes off.
  • Electrochemical CO Sensor - Similar to the metal oxide type, this detector features electrodes in a chemical solution, and when exposed to carbon monoxide the flow of current changes, which triggers the alarm.

For the best protection, it is recommended to use multiple types of detectors in your home.

Quiet Sentinels Protecting Your Home

If your home has older smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, or worse yet doesn't have any, it is vital to have new, advanced ones installed to make sure your home is fully protected. Call 360 Comfort Systems today at 250-800-5041 or send us a message online and let us provide the fire and carbon monoxide detection solution you need.

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