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Electrical Outlet Installation Victoria

Install the Most Advanced Power Outlets & Switches in Duncan and Victoria, BC

You may think that the normal "flip" style power switch or a regular power outlet are the only options available for your home. Nothing could be farther from the truth! There are a wide array of switches and outlets that can give your home exciting new abilities. 360 Comfort Systems can help you decide which ones will provide the most benefit for you and provide professional electrical outlet installation at your convenience!

The 360 Comfort Systems Difference

The solutions you need:

  • Fair Pricing: What you see on the quote is what you’ll pay. You’ll never be responsible for unexpected or hidden fees.
  • Respect for Your Schedule: We won’t make you wait on us. If we schedule a time, you can be sure that’s when we’ll arrive.
  • Skills: Our technicians are up to date on the latest training, licensing and certifications so they can provide expert assistance.
  • No Pressure: We aren’t here to try and upsell you and raise your bill. We’re here to do the work you want and nothing else.
  • Preparation is Key: We come ready to do whatever you’ve ordered, with all the parts and equipment we’ll need so there is no delay.
  • Reliability: Our work is our bond. We guarantee everything we do and will make it right if you aren’t happy.

Types of Electrical Switches

Single Pole - Most common, they turn something on or off from a single location.

Double Pole - Used more in industrial situations, they can handle a higher power load than single pole.

Decorative (or Rocker) - Larger, and more flush against the wall, these switches are easier to use and have a more streamlined look.

Dimmable - A rotary switch that can be used to adjust the intensity of lights.

Push-Button - As the name implies, this doesn't have a "switch" but instead uses a pair of buttons, one for on and one for off.

Proximity - Energy efficient, this type of switch uses a motion detector to recognize someone entering a room and turns the lights on automatically then shuts them off a short time after they leave.

Photoelectric - This switch has a sensor that can detect light levels. Often used for exterior lighting, they can detect lower light levels as the sun goes down and turn on when they do.

Types of Electrical Outlets

  • 15A, 120 Volt - Your typical outlet, they come in either two-pronged or three-pronged versions. The three-pronged version includes a ground pin to help avoid electric shock.
  • 20A, 125 Volt - Used for larger appliances such as kitchen equipment that might require more power.
  • 20A. 250 Volt - These are used for the most energy hungry equipment in your home, like air conditioners, washing machines, dryers or electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Tamper-Resistant - These outlets feature a physical barrier which prevents objects other than two-pronged or grounded plugs from being inserted, making them safer for curious children.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) - These outlets track current flow and can break the connection if a sudden spike is detected. Good for bathrooms as they can detect surges caused by water.
  • Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) - AFCI outlets are able to detect "arcs," or electricity jumping between loose connectors. Arcs can generate a lot of heat, making them a fire hazard, so if this outlet detects one it shuts down.
  • USB Outlets - Many of our modern devices are powered through USB cables; these outlets feature USB connections so you can plug your devices in even if you're missing their power "brick."

Customize the Power in Your Home

With such a wide array of switch and outlet styles available, you can truly have your home set up to operate in the way that works best for you. Call 360 Comfort Systems at 250-800-5041 or send us an online message and let us provide a switch and outlet installation solution today.

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