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Air Conditioner Service in Victoria

Quality Air Conditioning System Service

When you have the team at 360 Comfort Systems perform seasonal air conditioner service, you’ll be protecting the air in your home and preventing costly repairs. Your 360 Comfort Systems technician will completely inspect, clean and tune up your home’s heating, cooling and air quality systems. Our system inspection covers more than 50 points; we don’t miss any details. The end result is better indoor air quality, greater energy efficiency, longer equipment life expectancy and better home comfort through increased system output. To get air conditioning maintenance, call 250-800-5041 today!

Enroll in the 360 Comfort Plan and not only will you enjoy all the benefits of seasonal air conditioning service, but you’ll also receive exclusive benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

When to Get Air Conditioning Maintenance

It can be hard to remember to maintain your air conditioning system. However, just a single tune-up each year can make a huge difference in how well your air conditioning system operates. If you want to get the most out of getting your air conditioning system serviced, you should get it tuned up right before the peak cooling season. This will ensure that your air conditioning unit is free of debris and operating as it should be before it endures its most taxing season.

Our 360 Comfort Plan Perks

The 360 Comfort Plan makes HVAC maintenance easy with convenient appointment scheduling to suit your lifestyle. Our plan includes:

  • 15% off repairs (parts and labor).
  • 50% off diagnostic fee.
  • 20% off indoor air quality products and thermostats.
  • Priority emergency service over non-members.
  • No overtime charges on evenings and weekends.
  • 2-year warranty on repairs when plan is kept active.

Are you ready to get all the benefits of seasonal air conditioning service without any of the stress? Call 360 Comfort Systems at 250-800-5041 to enroll in the 360 Comfort Plan today!

Benefits of Seasonal AC Maintenance

There are many benefits to getting seasonal air conditioning maintenance, including:

  • Your AC system has a longer service life.
  • Your AC unit is covered under its manufacturer warranty.
  • Your AC system breaks down less and requires fewer repairs.

Another benefit of AC maintenance is that your air conditioning system will be able to operate at its peak efficiency to provide you affordable comfort all summer long.

360 Comfort Systems' Core Values  

360 Comfort Systems offers our customers quality air conditioning service while operating on the following core values:

  • Commitment - We are committed to building a strong, valuable relationship with our team members, customers and suppliers.
  • Honesty - We do the right thing every time and never compromise on our integrity.
  • Efficiency - We manage our time and resources so that we can effectively respect your schedule.
  • Attitude - We approach all aspects of our business and relationships with a positive attitude.
  • Accountability - We take responsibility for every action we take and decision we make.

We know that air conditioning maintenance is integral to the functioning of your AC unit as well as the comfort of your home. To get air conditioning maintenance, contact 360 Comfort Systems today!

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