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Circuit Breaker Installation Victoria

Professional Circuit Breaker & Panel Replacement in Victoria & Duncan, BC

So you have a circuit breaker that is malfunctioning and it needs to be replaced. You find tons of videos and how-to video online that make it seems like a simple job. But are you prepared for what might happen if you're wrong?

Circuit breakers and panels provide the power that keeps our home lit and our equipment running, but that electricity also carries with it a certain risk. Electrocution, fire, damage - all can happen if your new breaker installation isn't done well. The safest way to replace or set up a new circuit breaker is to hire a professional - and 360 Comfort Systems has decades of experience powering our technicians as they work to power your home.

The 360 Comfort Systems Difference

What sets us apart:

  • Honest Pricing: We won't do any work until you've been quoted a price, and you will always pay that price and not one cent more.
  • Scheduling On Your Time: We'll work with you to get the work done when it's best for you - sometimes we can even provide same-day service!
  • Expertise: Our technicians are certified, licensed and knowledgeable and can provide you with the best solution for your situation.
  • What You Need, Not What We Want: We will never try and sell you something your home doesn't need.
  • Always Prepared: Our trucks carry a wide-range of parts and equipment so we can take care of most repairs without having to special order anything.
  • Our Guarantee: If you invite us to your home to handle your repairs, we promise we will do it right, do it professionally and do it in a way that leaves you happy.

What Does A Circuit Breaker Do?

We've all seen the breaker box in our homes, but do you really understand its purpose? Circuit breakers are there to regulate the flow of power from an external source (such as utility lines) into your home. If they detect too much heat or current which could represent a risk, the breaker "trips," cutting the circuit and protecting your home and equipment.

Other benefits of circuit breakers:

  • They can be used as "on/off" switches for circuits in your home.
  • They can protect against thermal surges (high heat) and magnetic (high current).
  • They can be reset if they trip and don't require replacement like a fuse.
  • They are designed with external status indicators so you know where there's a problem.

Don't Get Tripped Up!

Make sure your home's electrical system is ready to go with an expert circuit panel and breaker installation. You can reach us online or call at 250-800-5041 to schedule a consultation!

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