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Furnace Installation Mill Bay

Upgrade your indoor comfort by partnering with the 360 Comfort Systems team for a new energy-efficient furnace installation in Mill Bay, Vancouver Island that keeps you and your family comfortable year-round.

With years of experience working in the HVAC industry, the certified HVAC team at 360 Comfort Systems is well-equipped with the expertise and skills required to provide homeowners with quality furnace installations tailored to their unique needs. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service by going the extra mile to ensure you feel confident with the final results of your experience with us! No matter the scope or complexity of the task at hand, you can rest assured knowing your home is in competent hands.

360 Comfort Systems is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not charge an additional service fee if you require our help after hours, on weekends, or during holidays. Furthermore, if you want to save money on your new heating equipment, make sure to ask us about our collection of payment plans and discounts that are available to you so you can alleviate some upfront costs!

Are you ready to work with 360 Comfort Systems? Call and book your appointment with us directly or use our online scheduling form to arrange your initial consultation! All consultations come with a complimentary, non-obligatory service quote! We look forward to working with you!

What are the steps to install a furnace?

1. Our team will arrive at your property.

2. They will set up their workspace and lay down tarps throughout your home to ensure no damage occurs to your home.

3. Our technicians will then carefully disconnect all fuel and electrical components connected to your current furnace before removing them from your home for proper disposal.

4. Afterward, our technicians will clean the area in your furnace room before bringing in your new heating equipment.

5. The technicians will then connect all fuel and electrical components.

6. Once up and running, a series of safety and system tests will be connected to ensure everything is operating correctly.

7. The 360 Comfort Systems team will then clean up their work area before leaving you to enjoy your new furnace!

What is the most common problem with furnaces?

The most common furnace problems include:

·  A lack of maintenance

·  Dirty air filters

·  Malfunctioning thermostats

·  Tripped circuit breakers

·  Gas leaks

·  The growth of mould and mildew

·  Broken blower motor

·  Cracked heat exchangers

·  Loose parts

·  Loud noises coming from your heating equipment

·  Frequent system cycling

·  Furnaces that do not turn on at all

·  Clogged drain lines

Do you believe there is something wrong with your home's furnace? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at 360 Comfort Systems to schedule a repair appointment with one of our certified and experienced HVAC technicians in Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, today!

What are the 4 categories of furnaces?

The four categories of furnaces include:

1. Natural gas

2. Electrical

3. Oil

4. Propane

What is the most important part of a furnace?

While all components of your furnace are important and play a significant role in heating your home, the heat exchanger is what is responsible for warming the air before it is distributed throughout your home using your ductwork. The heat exchanger is a chamber within your furnace compartment where the gasses transfer heat to the air before it is circulated. Therefore, when something goes wrong with the heat exchanger in your furnace, such as cracks, the collection of debris, or corrosion, it can cause a safety hazard and prevent you from heating your home. As such, if you find that your furnace is working but not heating your home, homeowners must reach out to a professional HVAC company such as 360 Comfort Systems to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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